Academic Guidelines

Academic Guidelines

New International Version (NIV) is the official Bible version of GBC.

A Student must obtain 85% of attendance in all subjects offered in the current Semester or else they would be debarred from appearing in the final examination. Decision of the Academic Committee would be final and binding in this matter.

All student must arrive the campus not later than 9:15am and must attend Chapel Service/Prayer Meeting/Mentoring program, etc and not leave the campus before 3:10pm in winter and 3:30pm in summer.

Students are required to attend classes without fail. Students having off period must study in the library and sign-in in the library attendance sheet. No student is neither permitted to loiter around the campus nor stay in the Hostel rooms except for sickness duly certified by the Warden.

Application for leave of absence accompanied by supporting documents addressed to the Principal should be submitted through the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students would check and recommend the leave letters to the Principal for approval and the Dean of Students will maintain the attendance records.

Students are required to write their Assignments in their own words from sources and books given by the teachers. Students who fail to fulfil any course assignments will be considered as failing to fulfill academic requirements. In this case, the student will repeat that particular course at appropriate time.

All assignments should be computerized and the same should be submitted to all concern teachers in time. Footnotes, end notes and bibliography should be appended in all assignments, term papers and thesis. Practice of copying assignment from fellow students, printed books, and any other sources without acknowledging the source is plagiarism which is an academic offence that can invite serious disciplinary action. Students are required to used the “GBC Guide” in all academic writings in the college.

There are two main examinations in each semester- mid-term and semester final examinations. Teachers can conduct class test from time to time. Unfair means is strictly prohibited allowed in the examinations and any defaulter can be expelled from the college.

Examinations will carry 70% marks and 30% will be reserved for internal assessments.

Any student who fail in two subjects in a semester will be given one-time retake Examination. Rs. 100/- retake examination fee per subject will be charged. If the student fail again in the retake Examination, he/she will have to repeat that particular subject(s) at an appropriate time (to be arranged by the Academic Dean). Students who fail in more than 3 subjects in a semester will repeat those subjects only when it is offered again in another semester. If a student fail in 3 subjects in two times, he/she will be asked to discontinue his/her study at GBC.

Master of Divinity students who secured 3.3 GPA or above are eligible to write thesis for 3 credit hours. Thesis proposal along with at least 20 bibliographies related to the proposed thesis title should be submitted to the Academic Dean for approval and to be assigned mentor. Prescribed length of thesis is between 16,000 to 18,000 words or 45 to 50 pages.

Students are to complete the course to which he/she is registered without any break. In case of unavoidable circumstance, a student can be granted study break with the permission of the principal. In this case, he/she will be allowed to continue his/her study within six semester or three years. Beyond this stipulated time, fresh application will be required.

Comprehensive examination will be conducted each semester for graduating students. Subjects for Comprehensive Examination are:

12.1. Diploma in Theology and Bachelor of Theology:
First Papers: Biblical Studies (OT & NT), and Theology
Second Papers: Mission, Church History, Ministry and Religion

12.2. Master of Divinity:
First Paper: Biblical Studies (OT & NT)
Second Papers: Theology and Religion
Third Papers: Missions, Church History and Ministry


First Class: Work of exceptional quality
A+ = 80% – and above
A = 75% – below 80%
A- = 70% – below 75%

Second Class: Work of Commendable Quality
B + = 65% – below 70%
B = 60% – below 65%
B- = 55% – below 60%

Third Class: Work of acceptable level
C+ = 50% – below 55%
C = 45% – below 50%
C- = 40% – below45%

F = below 40%

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