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Greetings from Grace Bible College!

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” (Ps. 126: 3).

It is by the grace of God that Grace Bible College, New Lamka is moving forward and thus becomes one of the most sought after Bible colleges in the North East India today. Established on July 4, 1981, Grace Bible College leaves no stone unturned to fulfil its aims and objectives. In fact, graduates of Grace Bible College are second to none in terms of academic Excellency, proficiency and efficiency in their ministries. God has done, is doing and will continue to do great and marvellous things in and through Grace Bible College!

Vision Statement: For the glory of God to produce ardent Disciples of Christ and servant leaders for the church, who would demonstrate spiritual maturity in life; biblical soundness in beliefs and cultural relevancy in ministries.

Mission Statement: To serve the church by the biblical education of God-called men and women in an academic and spiritual environment. To this end the Board of Governors, Faculty, Staffs and Students and all the Graduates of the college shall exert Jesus’ model of leadership and life-style; integrate faith and practice; faithfully and passionately execute the mandate of the Great Commission with cultural relevancy.             

Hence, we invite young and old, men and women who want to serve the Lord, to come and join Grace Bible College as we are committed and well equipped to help them realize and fulfil their commitments, visions and missions.    

Yours in Christ,

Rev.Dr.V.Ginsianthang BA (MU); BD(UBS, Pune); Th.M & PhD (ACTS, Korea)

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