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Admission open for the Academic year 2018-19

We invites applications for the following programs of theological study in Fall Semester 2018.

Programs of Study
Master of Divinity

Duration of Study
3 Years for Secular degree holders and 2 years for B.Th. degree from ATA/Senate of Serampore (SS) with 3 GPA.

Essential Qualification
Bachelor Degree from recognized University and B.Th. accredited by ATA/SS

Programs of Study
Bachelor of Theology

Duration of Study
3 Years

Essential Qualification
10+2 passed from recognized Board or Dip.Th. from ATA/SS

Programs of Study
Diploma in Theology

Duration of Study
2 Years

Essential Qualification
Matriculate from recognized Board

Programs of Study
Ministerial Training Course (Vernacular)

Duration of Study
2 Years

Essential Qualification
Desirable Class VIII passed & above

1. Application forms can be obtained from the college office during office hours on all working days or can be download from our website.
2. Limited hostel accommodation and partial-scholarship available for needy/deserving students.
3. Last date of submission of Applications: July 17, 2018.
4. Date of Entrance/Qualifying Examination: July 19, 2018
5. Date of Personal Interview: July 20, 2018.

Sd/- Chinkhenthang Guite

Admission Result, Fall 2017

I. Old Students admitted to Master of Divinity (M.Div)

1. Lang Khan Chin s/o TS Zamung
2. Gominthang s/o Thawngkhawlian
3. Langchinthang Naulak s/o Songkhanthang
4. Jamkhanlian Tangpua s/o Upa TC Song
5. T. Thangbiakmuan s/o T Kamdoulian
6. H. Sutliansang s/o H.Ginzalawm
7. H. Kapminthang s/o H.Vialkhanthang
8. Nemhoihkim d/o G. Vungsuanthang
9. Chinghoihkimi d/o G Damthuama

II. Old Students admitted to Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)

1. Bijaya Khapangi s/o Dal Prasad Khapangi
2. Ngaineihhoih d/o V.Khupzapum
3. Mumung Tonsing s/o T.Pumzalian
4. H Jamminlian s/o (L)Nk H Thangkhankam
5. H. Kamkhansang s/o H.Ginsuanmung

III. New Students admitted to Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)

1. Lamginlen Simte s/o Lunlam Simte
2. P. Thantluanga s/o Biakliana
3. Nenglianmang Munsong s/o Thonpau Munsong
4. Nengmuanlal Neihsial s/o Letthang Neihsial
5. Chiinliankim d/o (L) N Thangzabiak
6. Philip Rongpi s/o Borop Rongpi
7. Thanglianhau s/o Kampi
8. Lianbiakmawi d/o Thawngousuan Ngaihte
9. P. Goudinglian s/o P.Jamchinlam
10. Vungthianhoih d/o S.Pumzatawn
11. Biaksang Tungdim s/o Chinmuanthang
12. Khamkhansuan B s/o Tualkhanpau
13. Max Ginbiaksang Guite s/o G.Thianzamang
14. Thang Rejoy s/o Lalkhanmung
15. Thangchinliana s/o Tuanchina
16. T. Pausonmung s/o T Khamthianmang
17. Lalrinmawii d/o Lalsangzuala
18. T. Songlalven s/o (L) T Thangkhokam
19. Kamkhansiam Vualnam s/o Thangkhangou
20. Ngailamching d/o Sawngzakap
21. Bikas Rai s/o Som Bahadur Rai
22. Luan Zawl Ching d/o G.Suankhanmung
23. Francis Kiling s/o Mensing Kiling
24. Khyamraj Kadariya s/o Egendra Prasad Kadariya
25. Pau Min Lal s/o Lian Suan Khual

IV. New Students admitted to Master of Divinity (M.Div)

1. G. Khuplianmang s/o (L) G Ginkhanthang
2. Mangtungnung Tungnung s/o Thangchinmang Tungnung
3. Joshua Mangsuankhai s/o P Tuachinhau
4. T.Cin Tuan Khai s/o T.Hauzalian
5. H.Ginkhenthang s/o H.Thangkhochin
6. T Khamlianlal s/o T Kapkhanthang
7. T.Khambiaksang s/o T.Vungkhothang
8. S. Lamminlal Vaiphei s/o S Sumneihoi Vaiphei
9. Thianzamuang Tombing s/o T.Ginkhokam
10. Eddie T Pauthiankap s/o T.Gouminthang
11. Khamkhanthang Khongsai s/o DK Pau
12. Khamthianmung s/o Robert E Ngaihte
13. Dingungam Malangmei s/o M.Sathiulung
14. S. Paukhansong s/o S. Pauzalam
15. Vungthianmuang Samte d/o Tunkhopao Samte
16. P Dongjacob s/o P Khamminthang
17. Pausonmung s/o Phungzakam
18. Thangsawmlal s/o G. Tuanzathang
19. "Jamkhoching d/o (L)T Lamchin
20. Suanminlal Ngaihte s/o S.Ginlianthang
21. Lunminlal Kipgen s/o (L) Khupjang Kipgen
22. T. Suanlianmung s/o. T. Kaizamang

V. New Students admitted in Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th)

1. N. Lamkhanchin s/o N.Tuanzasiam
2. Chingmalsawm d/o Nemzavung
3. Liansuankapa s/o T.Thangkhangoa
4. Khupsuanlian s/o H.Ginlianthang
5. "Birsing Tisso s/o Rongbong Tisso
6. Henkhomang s/o Henkholun Lhouvum
7. "Semion Timung s/o Hurubi Timung
8. Kimmuansanga s/o H Dengthuama
9. Chiinbiakhoih d/o Thuamkhansuan
10. Suan Deih Lian s/o Kham Go Thang
11. Trishnamoni Pegu d/o Padmeshwar Pegu
12. Man Hau Cing d/o Chinsuanthang
13. Laldingngheti d/o K.Sangluai

*All selected students are required to submit their original Document at the Academic Department Office before Admission.
*Admission can be done from 24th July, 2017 (Monday) at the Office.

*All students are required to attend the “Registration of Subjects” on 25th July, 2017 (Tuesday)


Summer Vacation 2017

This is to notify all concerns that Summer Vacation 2017 will begin from June 01-26,2017 (except for the office staff) and the following temporary Office time will be followed during Summer Vacation, 2017.


Office will be closed on

: June 12-27, 2017 (Monday-Tuesday)

Office Re-Opens on

: June 28, 2017 (only for office staff)

Office Time during Vacation

: 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM. (June 01-July 18, 2017)

Normal Office time will be followed again from July 19, 2017 onwards.



1. Office staff: Principal, Warden, Registrar, Accountant, Dealing Asst. Computer Operator, Librarian & Asst. Librarian, MTC Co-Ordinator, Driver & Office helpers.

2. Students need to strictly comply the Academic Calendar for Fall-2017.

Students who volunteered themselves

Given below are list of Students who volunteered themselves to stay in the campus during summer break 2017. As per the conventional practices of the College they will be exempted from Boarding and lodging fee during the break. List of students are:


1. Lianthansang

2. Enkhamson

3. Paugousiam Ngaihte

4. Liansangding

5. Bijay Khapangi

6. Chira Pegu Kumar


They shall be bound by the Rules and regulations of the college in matters of discipline and cleanliness. The warden will supervise daily work allotment and extra assignment could be given if the need arise. They will work in the Library apart from cleaning the campus and its vicinity. The decision of warden will be final and binding.

Hostel Mess

As per the Academic Calendar, 2017 Hostel Mess of Grace Bible College will remain closed on 29/05/2017. Students are informed to leave College Hostel campus accordingly. Cases of inability to leave the campus if any may ask permission to the warden for necessary action.


Students are therefore, inform to keep their personal belongings to a safe custody. The College will not be responsible for any loss or damage of individual’s properties in the college during the break.

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