Academic Guidelines

Academic Guidelines (updated 2014)

No.GBC/CCAG/3(02)/2014: In view of ensuring a better and smooth functioning of the Academic Administration of the Grace Bible College, Academic Guidelines, 2014, comprising of the following points is hereby given below for immediate compliance.

1. Attendance: Students must obtain 85% of attendance in all subjects offered in the current Semester or else they would be debarred from appearing in any examination. Decision of the Academic Committee would be final and binding in this matter.

2. College hours & Timing: Classes begin at 10:20 am either through Chapel Service/Prayer Meeting/ Mentoring program and ended by 3:00 pm in winter and 3:10 pm in summer. This necessitates all the staff and students to arrive at the College Campus not later than 9:10 am every day and sign the attendance sheet with their own handwritings both in the morning and evening.

3. Classes and Library hours: Students are required to attend classes without fail. They must utilize free period in the Library. No student is permitted to neither loiter around the campus nor stay in the Hostel rooms except for bed-ridden sickness duly certified by the Warden.

4. Leave of application: Application for leave of absence accompanied by supporting documents addressed to the Principal should be submitted to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students would check and recommend the leave letters to the Principal for approval and the Registrar would keep in records the attendance of all the students.

5. Assignments & Extra Works: Students are required to write their Assignments in their own words from sources and books given by the teachers. All assignments should be computerised and the same should be submitted to all concerned teachers on due date. Footnotes, end notes and bibliography should be appended in all assignments, term papers and Thesis. Practice of copying assignment from fellow students, printed books, and any other sources without acknowledging your source amount to plagiarism which is an offence against the law. Therefore, plagiarism can lead to serious consequences if detected.

The GBC Guide is made for use in GBC. All students must buy a copy by paying Rs.30/-. All the lecturers and students must strictly follow the GBC Guideline for Assignments and various Academic works. The copy can be had from the office.

6. Other requirements: Apart from Attendance, Assignments, Examinations, payment of fees and fines etc., students are required to complete three practical Ministries in each Semester. They are required to pass memory verse and Comprehensive Examinations, conducted by the College. Changes of subject or any academic matter should be brought to the Academic Dean for proper record and necessary action.

7. Examinations: There will be two major Examinations both in Spring and Fall Semesters of each year apart from Mid-terms and Class test Examinations conducted from time to time. The nature of questions in Dip.Th., course would be objective type, short answer type and essay type of 100 Marks. The nature of questions in B.Th. would be short answer type and essay type of 100 Marks, and the nature of questions in M.Div. examination would be reflective questions i.e. essay type of 100 marks. In all examinations, practices of unfair means should be checked. Any defaulter would be expelled from the College, with the approval of the Principal.

8. Retake Examination: Any student who fails in two subjects in the current Semester would be allowed one time retake Examination with fine in each subject failed. Student, who fails in retake Examination as well as those who fails in more than two subjects of the same Semester, will be required to repeat the subject(s) when the courses are offered again.

9. Evaluation of student’s academic performance: According to the GBC marking and grading system, 80 marks and above is graded A+ for excellent papers. The criteria for A+ grade are :-

Analytical Ability: The student should have the ability to search out relevant information, assess it critically and use it coherently. Student should have the ability to analyse problems. Student should have the ability to establish and defend connections between ideas, observations and information. And Ability to arrive at one’s own view based on the discussion pertinent to the topic under consideration and presents an original, coherent and creative interpretation of the subject.
Written Ability: The student’ writing is clearly expressed, being precise and accurate, and showing proper use of English syntax and grammar. All references, along with bibliography, are acknowledged appropriately in the required GBC style. Distinction may be awarded to the work that is thorough, exhaustive and responsible besides demonstrating originality, creativity and clarity.

Any mark given above 80 marks will be examined by second examiner base on the above criteria. If the mark given by the first examiner differs from the second examiner by more than 5 marks, the paper will go for external examiner, which will then become the final mark. Evaluation will include every student’s work – assignment papers and term papers etc. In order to facilitate this, the lecturers are requested to use pencil for checking student’s work.

10. Scholarship students: Students granted full or partial scholarships are required to secure at least (B-) 2.67 GPA in all the final Examination to avail scholarship in the next semester. Students securing below (B-) 2.67 GPA will be placed under the Academic probation. Students under Academic probation would forfeit their scholarship. After losing the scholarship, the concern student would have to support himself or herself financially for his studies at Grace Bible College.

11. Thesis/Theses: M.Div. students securing 4.0 GPA or above are eligible to write thesis for 3 credit hours. Proposed thesis title, outline and at least 25 bibliographies related to the title given should be submitted to the Dean of Academic for advice and approval. Thesis proposal shall be submitted on or before February 28, 2014 (Friday) for Spring and August 18, 2014 (Monday) for Fall Semester. Students can write thesis in their final semester (Spring or Fall). Final Thesis shall be submitted to the Academic Dean on May 23, 2014 (Friday) for Spring Thesis writers and November 21, 2014 (Friday) for Fall Thesis writers for defence and scrutiny. Other details will be intimated on a separate sheet of paper.

All concerns are requested to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the College along with the guidelines given above. May God bless each and every one of you for the expansion of His kingdom!

Academic Dean
Grace Bible College

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