Academic Guidelines

Academic Guidelines

New International Version (NIV) is the official Bible Version of Grace Bible College.

Students must obtain 85% of attendance in each subject offered in the current Semester to qualify of appearing in the examination or else they would be debarred for the final examination. Decision of the Academic Committee would be final and binding in this matter.

All student must arrive the campus not later than 9:20 am and must attend Chapel Service/Prayer Meeting/Mentoring program, etc and not leave the campus before 3:10 pm in winter and 3:30 pm in summer.

Students are required to attend classes without fail. Students having off period must study in the library and sign-in in the library attendance sheet. No student is permitted to loiter around the campus nor stay in the Hostel rooms except for sickness duly certified by the Warden.

Application for leave of absence accompanied by supporting documents addressed to the Principal should be submitted through the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students would check and recommend the leave letters to the Principal for approval and the Dean of Students will maintain the attendance records.

Students are required to write their Assignments in their own words from sources and books given by the teachers. Students who fails to fulfill any course assignments will be counted as incomplete academic requirements. In this case, the concern student will repeat that particular course in the future when it is offered again.

All assignments should be computerized and the same should be submitted to all concern teachers on time through GBC mail or hard copy. Footnotes, end notes and bibliography should be appended in all assignments, term papers and thesis. Practice of copying assignment from fellow students, printed books, and any other sources without acknowledging the source is plagiarism which is an academic offence that will invite serious disciplinary action. Students are required to use the “GBC Guide” in all academic writings in the college.

There is only one main examination every semester. Teachers can conduct class test from time to time. Unfair means is strictly prohibited in the examinations and any defaulter will be expelled from the college. Examinations will carry 60% marks and 40% will be reserved for internal assessments.

Any student who fail in two subjects in a semester will be given one-time retake Examination. Each retake examination fees will be Rs. 100/- per subject. If a student fails again in the retake Examination, he/she will have to repeat that particular subject(s) in future when it is offered again. Students who fail in more than 3 subjects in a semester will repeat those course subjects only when it is offered again in future. If any students repeatedly fail 3 subjects, they will be disqualified for ATA certificate. In this case, the concern people can opt for GBC completion certificate or discontinue their study at GBC.

Continuing scholarship benefit is conditional. Students who are granted full or partial scholarships must secure at least (B) 3.00GPA in all the final examinations in order to continue with the scholarship benefit. Students securing below (B) 3.00GPA will be put under Academic probation and those who are under academic probation will forfeit their scholarship benefit.

Master of Divinity final year students who secured 3.3 GPA (B+) or above in the 1st and 2nd years are eligible to write thesis for 6 credit hours. Thesis proposal along with at least 20 bibliographies related to the proposed thesis title should be submitted to the Academic department to approve and appoint mentor. Qualified third year students will write thesis in the first four months in the final year. Prescribed length of thesis is between 16,000 to 18,000 words or 50 to 55 pages.

It is required for students to complete the course to which they are registered without any break. In case of unavoidable circumstance, a student can be granted study break with the permission of the principal. In case of study break, the student will be permitted to resume his/her study after two semesters or one-year break. Beyond this stipulated time, fresh and new application and admission procedure will be required for the course he/she applied for.

Comprehensive examination will be conducted each semester for graduating students. Subjects for Comprehensive Examination are:

12.1. Diploma in Theology and Bachelor of Theology:
First Papers: Biblical Studies (OT & NT), and Theology
Second Papers: Mission, Church History, Ministry and Religion

12.2. Master of Divinity:
First Paper: Biblical Studies (OT & NT)
Second Papers: Theology and Religion
Third Papers: Missions, Church History and Ministry



There are four awards offered to the graduating students.

14.1. Academic Award
This award is given to graduating student who secured the highest average accumulative grade points from their respective programs (Dip.Th, B.Th, & M.Div), but not less than 4.00 GPA (75%). This award carries a citation plus book(s) worth up to Rs.1,500.

14.2. Mrs. Niankhovung Best Student Award
This award is given to student who is chosen to be the best among all the graduating students but not securing less than B+ grade average (65%). This award carries a citation with Rs.5,000/- (Five Thousands only) in cash, donated by Elder Dr. G. Chinkholian & Family in loving memory of late Mrs. Niankhovung.

14.3. Rev. & Dr. G. Khamkam Meritorious Award
This award is given for academic excellence to the graduating students who has secured the highest average cumulative grade point from among all the graduating students but not securing less than B+ grade average. This award carries a citation with Rs.5,000/- (Five Thousand only) in cash, donated by Shri JH Ginmung & family in loving memory of the Late Rev. Dr. G. Khamkam, former principal of Grace Bible College.

14.4. Mission Award
This award is given to graduating student who is the most promising missionary in the future ministries. It is sponsored by Rev. Kumam Suresh Singh in memory of his uncle, Evangelist Kumam Sarat Singh.

14.5. Scholarship for Needy Student
The college can provide limited scholarship to financially needy and deserving students that can cover half the hostel mess fees or full mess fees. However, all the scholarship recipients must strictly maintain B grade average or above in their academic performance in order to continue to qualify for enjoying this scholarship.

In order to ensure, an all-round development students are provided with opportunities for involvement in various practical ministries and practical work during the period of their training. All the students are strictly required to participate actively and regularly in all the extra-curricular activities. Some of the extra-curricular activities are as follows–

15.1. Student’s Representative
The Grace Bible College Students’ representative are selected by the Dean of Students from among the student to represent the students’ community to the GBC administration and the faculty whenever it deemed necessary. They discharged their duties by organizing, making programs for weekly students’ Fellowship etc.

15.2. Spiritual Life Development
All the members of the college community are required to attend the joint Chapel Worship Services, Cell Group Meetings, Prayer Fellowships and in all official programs to be conducted from time to time.

Moreover, the college always begins every semester with a “Day of Prayer” or “Revival Meeting” for the whole GBC community. This has strengthened and help in maintaining the spiritual condition of the community. The semester also always ends with fare-well program in order to encourage graduating students for their future ministries and mission.

15.3. Evangelistic Outreach/Practical Ministries
Practical ministry is a requirement for graduation. All students are assigned to discharge their choice of weekend ministries during the weekend. The students discharged the weekend ministries and submit a written report to the Practical-in-charge at the end of the semester. Practical work and preaching opportunities are given to students throughout the academic year under the supervision of the Chaplain. This provides experience in preaching, teaching, counseling, evangelism and church planting.

The college also arrange an outreach program during vacation for the fifth semester students for field visitation or church visitation.

15.4. Games and Sports
The College strongly believes in the importance of maintaining all-round development of the students for effective ministries, in the area of spiritual, mental, and Physical etc. In order to maintain good physical health, the college therefore, promotes games and sports for the whole community. The last class of Friday is set aside for conducting the various extra-curricular activities.

15.5. Student Life
In the campus, the student life is guided by both the Hostel rules and Students Rule of Conduct which are provided to all the students at the time of orientation.

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