Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2019

 Month Date Day Events
 Jan 07 Mon Registration of Subjects/Hostel Opens
 Jan  08  Tue Opening Ceremony
 Jan  09  Wed  Day of Challenge
 Jan 10 Thu Commencement of Class
Jan 26 Sat Republic Day
Feb 20 Wed Zomi Namni
Feb 22 Fri Memory Verse Examination
Apr 11&12 Thu & Fri Comprehensive Exam
Apr 18 Thu Last Date for submission of Thesis
Apr 19 Fri Good Friday
Apr & May 29-03 Mon-Fri Final Examination
May 06 Mon Farewell
May 06 Mon Due for Grades Report
May 07 Tue Missionary Day
May 10 Fri Graduation Day
May 13 Mon Hostel Mess Closes
July 07 Sunday GBC Sunday
July 16 Tue Last Date of Submission of Admission Forms
July 17 Wed Checking & Screening of Applications
July 18 Thu Entrance/Qualifying Exam of New Applications
July 19 Fri Personal Interview of New Applicants
July 22 Mon Hostel Mess Opens
July 23 Tue Last Date of Admission without Fine
July 23 Tue Registration of Subjects
July 24 Wed Semester Opening & Orientation
Jul 25&26 Thu & Fri Students Revival Meeting
Jul 29 Mon Commencement of Class
Aug 02 Fri Fresher's Meet
Aug 15 Thu Indian Independence Day
Sept 25-27 Wed-Fri College Annual Sports & Prize Distribution
Oct 02 Wed Mass Social Work
Oct 25 Fri Bible Memory Verse Examination
Nov 01 Fri Kut
Nov 15 Fri Last Date for Submission of Thesis Proposal
Nov 25-29 Mon-Fri Final Examination
Nov 30 Sat Advent Christmas
Dec 02 Mon Hostel Mess Closes
Dec 10 Tue Due for Grade Reports

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