Course Descriptions

Courses are numbered according to the departments and levels or programs under which they are taught and evaluated. The letters prefixed indicate the departments, the first Arabic numeral, the level or program (Numeral beginning with 1 denotes Diploma of Theology, 2 denotes Bachelor of Theology, and 3 denotes Master of Theology) and the remaining numeral, the number assigned to the particular course.

Diploma in Theology

OT101: Bird Eye View of the Old Testament (3Hrs)
A study on the background, authorship, purpose, and main message of all the books of Old Testa-ment.

OT102: Geography and Maps of Bible Lands (3hrs)
A study of the Geography of the Ancient Near East with special emphasis on the Holy land throwing light on topography, climate, culture and customs of the people.

OT103: Brief Sketch of Old Testament Prophets (3Hrs)
A brief biographical studies of all the OT Prophets.

OT104: Introduction to the History of Israel (3Hrs)
A brief history of Israel from the call of Abraham up to the entry and settlement in the Promised Land.

NT101: Bird Eye View of the New Testament (3Hrs)
A general study of the political, religious and social conditions of the Greco-Roman world together with the study of Judaism and other sects from the inter-testament period to the fall of Jerusalem.

NT102: Books of the Gospels (3Hrs)
A study of the background, authorship, recipients, date, theme and message of the Gospel.

NT103: Life of Christ (3Hrs)
A Study of the life, teaching and Ministry of Jesus Christ from all Gospels, presenting Jesus as a model for Christian ministry.

NT104: Pauline Epistles (3Hrs)
A study of the historical background, authorship, recipients, date, theme, purpose and message of each book. (Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philippians and Philemon).

NT105: General Epistles (3Hrs)
A study on the authorship, recipients, date, and message of each book. (Hebrew, James, 1 & 2 Pe-ter, 1, 2 & 3 John and Jude).

GS101: Reading & Writing Skills (3Hrs)
A study of the methods and techniques involved in reading and writing etc.

GS102: Ecology & Stewardship (3Hrs)
A study on the Biblical stewardship and human responsibilities upon all creations.

GS103: Basic English (3Hrs)
The study is designed to help students to speak English fluently and correctly for communicating skills. It focuses on learning vocabularies, listening, reading and pronunciation activities.

GS104 English Grammar (3Hrs)
The course includes the fundamental of grammar, morphology, syntax and vocabulary. The course also includes: Tenses, Voice, Speech, Narration, Composition /essay writing and Comprehension.

MN101: Christian Family (3Hrs)
A study of the Biblical foundation of Christian home with special emphasis on the responsibility of each Christian family members.

MN102: Christian Education (3Hrs)
A study on the Biblical foundation of Christian education. This will help the students learn the im-portance of Christian education from childhood.

MN103: Evangelism (3Hrs)
This course is designed to prepare student to share the gospel boldly in any given situation publicly and privately.

MN105: Pastoral Care & Counseling (3Hrs)
A study on the calling, qualification, administration, the preaching, care and counseling responsibility of the pastor both in the church and society.

MN107: Homiletics (3Hrs)
A study of the principles of Christian worship and preaching with special emphasis on the prepara-tion and delivery of sermons.

MN108: Praise and Worship (3Hrs)
The study provides an overview of the elements of praise and worship in OT and NT and its im-portance today.

MN109: Discipleship (3Hrs)
A course designed to develop a culture of discipleship in the students in their personal and collective lives.

MS101: Mission (3Hrs)
A study of Mission and evangelism from the Biblical perspective.

RL101: Major World Religions (3Hrs)
This course is an introduction to the religions of the world such as Animism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikh-ism, Buddhism and Jainism, Shintoism, Bahaism and Spiritism etc.

TH101: Foundation of Faith (3Hrs)
A study on the Biblical Material upon which major Christian faith is built.

TH102: General Introduction to Theology (3Hrs)
A study of theology in general to help students understand the meaning of theology and its different branches and their relations.

CH101: Early Church (3Hrs)
A study on the early church history up to Reformation.

CH102: Survey of Church History (3Hrs)
A survey of the entire history of the Church in its many branches from the Apostles to the contem-porary times.

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