Course Descriptions

Courses are numbered according to the departments and levels or programs under which they are taught and evaluated. The letters prefixed indicate the departments, the first Arabic numeral, the level or program (Numeral beginning with 1 denotes Diploma of Theology, 2 denotes Bachelor of Theology, and 3 denotes Master of Theology) and the remaining numeral, the number assigned to the particular course.

Bachelor of Theology

BL201: Elementary Greek 1 (3Hrs)
Study of the New Testament Greek, including Orthography, morphology, syntax and vocabulary. Primary emphasis is on the introduction of grammar and translation of sentences.

BL202: Elementary Greek 2 (3Hrs)
It is a continuation of preliminary Greek with primary emphasis on the mastery of grammar and translation of sentences.

OT201: Old Testament Survey (3Hrs)
A study of the background, history and documents of the Old Testament the Old Testaments as a literary unit and as the word of God, relevant to the human situation.

OT202: Pentateuch (3Hrs)
A synopsis of Moses’ five historical books. These books show the beginning of God’s work in human history and the importance of the Law, the sinfulness of man and God’s Grace in providing His Son to supersede the Law.

OT203: Poetical Books and Wisdom Literature (3Hrs)
A survey on the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon with special observation of the characteristics of Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom.

OT204: Major Prophets (3Hrs)
A study of the nature of Hebrew prophecy and its relevance to the political, social and religious life of the people of Israel.

OT205: Minor Prophets (3Hrs)
Beginning with a study of the historical background, the course seeks to show God’s demand for justice and His future plans through the mouth of these prophets.

OT206: History of Israel (3Hrs)
A study on the history of Israel with special emphasis on the mission of God in the Old Testament, beginning to the end of the Old Testament era.

NT201: New Testament Survey (3Hrs)
It is a general survey of the political, religious and social conditions of the Greco-Roman world together with the study of Judaism and other sects from inter-testament period to the fall of Jerusalem.

NT202: Gospel John (3Hrs)
An introduction to gospel of John with special emphasis on the deity of Jesus Christ.

NT203: Synoptic Gospels (3Hrs)
This is an depth look at the life, teaching and work of Jesus Christ in the Synoptic Gospels. Emphasis is placed on His uniqueness (God’s son, virgin birth, sinlessness) and brief introduction to the synoptic problem.

NT204: Pauline Epistles (3Hrs)
A study of the major themes in Pauline Epistles (Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philippians and Philemon) with special emphasis on the epistle of the Corinthians.

NT205: General Epistles (3Hrs)
A study of the historical background and message of each book including Revelation with special emphasis on the main theological thrust. (Hebrew, James, 1 & 2 Peter, 1, 2 & 3 John and Jude).

GS201: Reading & Writing Skills (3Hrs)
A study of the methods and techniques involved in reading, reporting, research and term paper writing etc.

GS202: Ecology & Stewardship (3Hrs)
Beginning with the present trend of increasing ecological imbalances, emphasis is given to man’s responsibility in the restoration of this environmental disorder.

GS203: Basic English (3Hrs)
The course introduces the students to basic knowledge of English language for developing their communicating skills. It has a graded grammar, functions, and topic base and focus on listening comprehension and speaking and reading skills development and also contains writing and pronunciation activities.

GS204: English Grammar (3Hrs)
The course includes the fundamental of grammar, morphology, syntax and vocabulary. The course also includes: Tenses, Voice, speech, Narration, Composition /essay writing and Comprehension.

GS205: Management (1Hr)
The course introduces the learner to the basics of strategic planning and decision making in personal life, ministry and for organization/institution based in a Christian worldview so that goals and results are achieved for the glory of God.

MN201: Christian Family (3Hrs)
A study on the Biblical foundation of Christian home with special emphasis on the responsibility of each Christian family members.

MN202: Christian Education (3Hrs)
Biblical Foundation for Christian education, historical development, theories, programs and methods of Christian education.

MN203: Evangelism (3Hrs)
The course is designed to prepare every student to share their faith enthusiastically and courageously under any circumstances publicly or privately.

MN204: Christian Leadership (3Hrs)
A study of church leadership with special reference to the biblical principles and practices in church ministry and the servanthood leadership of Jesus Christ as its model.

MN205: Pastoral Care & Counseling (3Hrs)
A study of the basic task of a pastor in his oversight and nurture of a congregation. The course deals with the biblical foundation, administration, leadership, preaching, care and counseling responsibility of the pastor.

MN206: Christian Ethics (2Hrs)
A study on the Ethical Teaching of Jesus Christ in the gospel and its implication to the contemporary personal and social ethical issues.

MN207: Homiletics (3Hrs)
A study of the principles of Christian worship and preaching with special emphasis on the preparation and delivery of sermons.

MN208: Worship (3Hrs)
A study on the biblical basis of praise and worship and suggestion for the continuation of this element of paramount importance in the church today.

MN209: Hermeneutics (3Hrs)
An introduction to the principles and processes of Biblical interpretation including the basic methods and tools.

MS201: Biblical Theology of Mission (3Hrs)
A study on the Biblical principles of Mission and Evangelism.

MS202: Integral Mission (2Hrs)
This course deals with the biblical basis for integral mission and the relationship between evangelism and social responsibility. It also deals with the theological approach to disease and its related issues and the church responses to pandemic.

MS203: Church Planting & Growth (3Hrs)
A study on the biblical principles of church planting and church growth.

MS204: Cross-Cultural Mission & Gospel Communication (2Hrs)
The theory, principles and methods of communicating the Gospel across cultural barriers with special emphasis on developing sensitivity to people of other cultural backgrounds.

MS205: Urban Ministry (3Hrs)
A study on the biblical foundation for urban ministry with special emphasis on opportunity for urban ministry today.

RL201: Major World Religions (3Hrs)
An introduction to the major religions of the world on the basic tenet of those that are predominant in the Indian sub-continent. This course will enable the students to discern distinctive, similarities and everlapping features in the major world religions and develop a Christian apologetics.

RL202: Modern Religious and Secular Movements (3Hrs)
A study of contemporary religious and secular movements and trends in the sub-continent and their relevance to the Indian Church.

RL203: Spiritual Warfare (3hrs)
A study that investigate the origin, development and essential tenets of the various cults and isms challenging the church today. It also deals with the current revival of the occult ranging from witchcraft and Satanism to Astrology from historical, biblical and practical perspectives.

TH201: Systematic Theology 1 (3Hrs)
An introduction to the study of Bibliology, theology proper and Pnematology.

TH202: Systematic Theology 2 (3Hrs)
An introduction to the study of Anthropology, Hamartiology, Christology and Soteriology.

TH203: Systematic Theology 3 (3Hrs)
An introduction to the study of Angelology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

TH204: Contemporary Theology (3Hrs)
A study on the Current theological trends in the light of biblical teachings with special consideration of the current theological issues in the churches today.

TH205: Christian Apologetics (3Hrs)
A study of the authenticity and evidences of Christian faith and practices with special emphasis on biblical answers to life difficult questions and the application of apologetical principles in the daily Christian walk.

CH201: History of Christianity in NEI (2Hrs)
A study on the origin of Christianity in North East India and the impact of western missionaries in evangelizing the indigenous people of North East India.

CH202: Church History 1 (3Hrs)
A general study of Church history from its inception to the Great Reformation including the immediate effects on the whole Christendom. Student will learn from both the successes and mistakes of the Church of the past.

CH203: Church History 2 (3Hrs)
A general study of Church history beginning from the Scholastic Period to present day with special consideration on events that had far-reaching consequences on the mission of the Church.

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