Course Descriptions

Courses are numbered according to the departments and levels or programs under which they are taught and evaluated. The letters prefixed indicate the departments, the first Arabic numeral, the level or program (Numeral beginning with 1 denotes Diploma of Theology, 2 denotes Bachelor of Theology, and 3 denotes Master of Theology) and the remaining numeral, the number assigned to the particular course.

Master of Divinity

OT301: Old Testament Introduction (3Hrs)
An introduction to the history and culture of the Old Testament in the context of ancient Israel from the beginning to the Greek period with special reference to God’s plan and purpose in and through Israel.

OT302: Pentateuch (3Hrs)
A Study of the first five books of the Bible with special emphasis on their theological content.

OT303: Poetical Books and Wisdom Literature (2Hrs)
This course is designed to provide students with an working knowledge of the major themes, issues and personalities of wisdom literatures and poetical books. A special study of selected Psalms for their Messianic contents.

OT304: Old Testament Prophets (3Hrs)
A study on the origin and development of the Old Testament Prophets with special emphasis on their vision and Mission with detail study on the book of Isaiah and Jeremiah.

OT305: Historical Books (3Hrs)
A study on the historical books from Joshua to Esther with special emphasis on the historical background and thematic development.

OT306: Daniel and Revelation (3Hrs)
A Histo-prophetic analytical study on the books of Daniel and Revelation with reference to the historical settings of the book of Daniel, the seventieth week of Daniel and its fulfilment in the book of revelation in the light of the eschatological entity as a whole. The study also considers the different type of interpretation and applications of these histo-prophetic books.

NT301: New Testament Introduction (3Hrs)
The course provides the student with a study of the background and history of the New Testament. Student will examine the political, cultural, religious and social milieu of Greco Roman world including geography and everyday life in Palestine from the end of the Old Testament up to the New Testament times.

NT302: Gospel John (3Hrs)
The introduction to the gospel, the background, purpose, authorship, date will be investigated. It is a detailed study with special emphases on the deity of Jesus Christ and key words such as Messiah, Son of God, Logos, Paraclete etc.

NT303: Synoptic Gospels (3Hrs)
A study of the significance of each Synoptic Gospel; their relationships and emphasis on the critical tools of studying the Synoptic problem.

NT304: Pauline Theology (3Hrs)
A study on the background of Paul which sheds light to his theological thought, and a critical study of his teachings emphasizing anthropology, soteriology, Christology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

NT305: General Epistles (3Hrs)
An introduction and discussion on the Epistles of Peter, John, James and Jude. It also deals with the various issues that are often perplexing such as relationship between IIPeter and Jude, faith and work in James in comparison with Pauline faith, etc.

NT306: New Testament Criticism (2Hrs)
A study of modern research on New Testament times, biblical materials and resources.

NT307: Ephesians (3Hrs) This course is an exegetical and theological study of the epistle of Paul to the Ephesians. The epistle will be translated from the original language (Greek) and shall be interpreted according to the text. It will also be studied with reference to other Pauline Epistles especially Colossians.

GS301: Research Methodology (2Hrs)
This course provides the student with necessary knowledge of using library and theory and practical skill required for writing term paper and thesis.
A study of the methods and techniques involved in study, research and term paper writing etc.

GS302: Ecology and Stewardship (3Hrs)
Beginning with the present trend of increasing ecological imbalances, emphasis is given to man’s responsibility in the restoration of this environmental disorder.

GS304: English Grammar (non-credit)
The course includes the fundamental of grammar, morphology, syntax and vocabulary. The course includes: Tenses, Voice, speech, Narration, Composition/essay writing and Comprehension.

GS 305: Management (1Hr)
The course introduces the learner to the basics of strategic planning and decision making in personal life, ministry and for organization/institution based in a Christian worldview so that goals and results are achieved for the glory of God.

GS 306: Thesis (6Hrs)
Master of Divinity final semester students who secured 4.0GPA in his/her previous semester will be allowed to thesis. For this, a formal request allong with the proposed thesis title, brief outline and a list of atleast 20 books to be used be made/submitted to the Academic Dean who will take further necessary action in this regard.

MN301: Christian Family (2Hrs)
The course provides biblical principles for strengthening marriage and home in the knowledge of the Lord in order to build strong Christian homes for Christ and His Kingdom.

MN302: Christian Education (3Hrs)
The course is introductory overview giving the biblical basis for Christian education. Students will learn the history, theories, foundation, program and methods of Christian education.

MN304: Christian Leadership (2Hrs)
A study of the basic principles of management and leadership for Christian ministry and Mission.

MN305: Pastoral Care & Counseling (3Hrs)
A study of the basic principles of pastoral ministry including a brief history and theology of pastoral ministry, with special emphasis on pastoral care and counseling responsibility of the pastor both in the church and society.

MN306: Christian Ethics (3Hrs)
A study of the biblical principles of Christian Ethic in relation to issues in Christian ethics facing Christians today and its application in today’s context.

MN307: Homiletics (3Hrs)
This course will cover the origins and practice of Christian worship and preaching. This course also considers the nature of preaching and principles of sermon construction, materials of the sermon, methods of preparation and delivery and problems of the preaching.

MN309: Biblical Hermeneutics (3Hrs)
A scientific study of the principles of biblical interpretation. The course explores both the presuppositions and practice of historical-grammatical-theological interpretation of the Scripture in its context in a way that is relevant to the context of contemporary society.

MS301: Biblical Theology of Mission (3Hrs)
A study of the Biblical Theology from Mission Perspective.

MS302: Integral Mission (2Hrs)
This course will explore the concept of integral mission. It deals with the conceptual development of integral mission among the evangelical and ecumenical circle and the need for paradigm shift in the mission and ministry.

MS303: Church Planting & Growth (3Hrs)
A study of the Biblical perspective, strategy and development of church planting and growth. The course also provides various practical principles, approaches and method for planting and developing a multiplying new church.

MS304: Cross-Cultural Mission & Gospel Communication (3Hrs)
This course introduces the students to the theory, principles and methods of communicating the Gospel across cultural barriers and to work effectively in cross-cultural ministry. Emphasis is placed on developing sensitivity to people of other cultural background.

MS305: Urban Ministry (2Hrs)
A study on Biblical foundation for urban ministry, emphasizing on opportunity for urban ministry and contemporary approach to ministries and mission with special emphasis on the modern trend of urbanization in India in order to develop missiological insight.

MS306: Missiological Anthropology (2Hrs)
A scientific study on the total behaviour of human being focusing on the two basic dimensions of Missiological theory that the Gospel is universal and its source is from God which is applicable to the whole mankind in their cultural context.

MS307: History of World Mission (3Hrs)
A general study of the movement of the gospel world-wide from the day of Pentecost till date. Emphasis is placed on the strategies employed by the early church with an eye to develop right missional methods for the present day’s evangelism and church planting ministry.

RL301: Major World Religions (3Hrs)
This course begins with a study of the impulse to religion, religious interest and religious expression in the Indian sub-continent. The major part of the course involves a survey of the history, tenets and present status of the major religions of the world exclusive of Judaism and Christianity.

RL302: Modern Religious and Secular Movements (3Hrs)
A study of Modern Religious and Secular Movements in the Indian Sub-continent during the 19th and 20th centuries with special attention to the impact on the social, religious and cultural life of India and a Christian evaluation.

RL303: Spiritual Warfare (3Hrs)
It investigate the origin, development and essential tenets of the various Cults and Isms challenging the church today. This course also deals with the current revival of the occult ranging from witchcraft and satanism to astrology from historical biblical and practical perspective.

RL304: The Occult: Bondage and Deliverance (2Hrs)
This course deals with the current revival of the occult ranging from witchcraft and Satanism to astrology from historical, biblical and practical perspective.

RL305: Cults and Isms in the World (2Hrs)
It investigates the origin, development and essential tenets of the various Cults and Isms challenging the church today.

TH301: Systematic Theology 1 (3Hrs)
A study of Bibliology, Theology Proper and Pneumatology (including Trinity and Angelogy).

TH302: Systematic Theology 2 (3Hrs)
A study of Anthropology (including Hamartiology) and Soteriology (including Christology).

TH303: Systematic Theology 3 (3Hrs)
A study of Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

TH304: Contemporary Theology (3Hrs)
An introduction to contextual theologies in Asia, with special emphasis on India.

TH305: Christian Apologetics (3Hrs)
An introduction to biblical apologetics with special emphasis on the authenticity and evidences of Christian faith and practices in the context of Asian pluralistic society.

TH306: Indian Christian Theology (2Hrs)
A study of the contribution of the Indian Renaissance leaders and Contemporary Indian theologians in their attempt in reinterpreting the message of Christ. This is to attempt more meaningful interpretation of the gospel. The study is to ultimately enable the students to interpret the scripture more meaningfully, accurately and contextually.

TH307: Tribal Theology (3Hrs)
A study on the contextual theology of North East Indian theologians in reshaping the message of Christ in the Tribal context of North East India.

BL301: Elementary Greek 1 (3Hrs)
A study of the New Testament Greek, on the Orthography, morphology, syntax and vocabulary and grammatical usage of the Koine Greek, designed to give students the tools necessary for translating the New Testament Greek.

BL302: Elementary Greek 2 (3Hrs)
It is a continuation of preliminary Greek with primary emphasis on the mastery of grammar and translation of sentences.

BL303: Elementary Hebrew 1 (3Hrs)
An introduction to the fundamental of Hebrew alphabets, vocabulary, grammar and translation of sentences, intended to provide students with the necessary knowledge of the language that will enable them to use basic tools like lexicons.

BL304: Elementary Hebrew 2 (3Hrs)
A continuation of Elementary Hebrew 1 with special emphasis on word formation, Grammar, Syntax, morphology, vocabulary and translation including some basic exegesis.

BL305: Advance New Testament Greek (3Hrs)
Review, summarizes and applies the rules of word formation, grammar and syntax in New Testament interpretation. Emphasis is given to increasing the students’ vocabulary and facility in reading.

BL306: Advance Biblical Hebrew (3Hrs)
This course will exegetically treat selected portions of Hebrew text with a view to familiarize the student with both the essential tools and techniques to get the care of the passages thus exegeted.

CH301: History of Christianity in NEI (2Hrs)
A study of the history of Christianity in North East India from its inception to the present, highlighting different denomination churches and their relationship, key movements and issues for mission and church.

CH302: History of Christianity (3Hrs)
An introduction to the spread of the Christian faith across the world, and its impact on local culture.

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