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Joint Chapel Service Programme, March 2013

Date & Days


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01/2/2013 Friday

Dr. Suankhanhau Gualnam

Grace Siamte

Dr. Dongzathong

H.Khumbiaklal & Suksari Rajbhansi

04/3/2013 Monday

Dr. Suankhanhau Gualnam

TN. Muanthang

Mr. Khuma Hauzel

Jamkhanlian & Hannah Hansepi

06/3/2013 Wed.

TK David Simte

Kamneihthang Manlun

Sir  Damkhothang

G. Kamkhanmang & Wijam Ronrang

08/3/2013    Friday

L. Soiliankhup

Jamkhanmang, H

Sir. Pauthianmuang

Paul Thangsonlian & Kache Hansepi

11/3/2013  Monday

Daniel David P.


Dr. Suankhanhau Gualnam

N. Khualmang & Sushmita Sambahamfe

13/3/2013  Wed.




S. Chhungrem & Elizabeth Valte

15/3/2013  Friday

Sir . Damkhothang

The Remnant

Rev. Soichinthang

Chinkhengoupau & Nianggelvung

18/3/2013  Monday

B. Ginmuanthang Ngaihte

Senoir Hein

Sir. V Thanggoumang

Kedar Ojha & Lianhoihkim

20/3/2013  Wed.



Sir. Paukhankhup

S. Ginsuanmang & Zamhoihkim

22/3/2013  Friday


Nathanael Gonmei

Sir. Chinkhenthang

John Milik & Manneihlam

25/3/2013  Monday

Benjamin Arkar


Sir Dina Chandra

G. Pauzarual & Samta Rai

27/3/2013  Wed.

Givson Jack Rai

GBC light Choir

Sir. John Singh

Jacob Rongpi & Mary Niangbiakching


  1. Song leaders are requested to prepare and do everything for the glory of God.
  2. Singing will be led by the following group: Group I : Monday, Group II: Wednesday, Group III: Friday respectively.
  3. Opening & Closing prayers will be arranged by the conductor.

Dean of Chapel

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