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Notice for Graduation

This is to notify all concerned graduates, faculty members, participants in convocation program, including worship team, ushers and media/sound department that the Final rehearsal for the 36th Commencement Service of Grace Bible College would be held on the 4th Dec, 2018, at 1:00 PM at EBC Centenary Hall, under the supervision of the Academic Department.

All participants are also notified to arrive at Hebron EBC Church at 9:30 AM sharp on the day of Commencement Service.

All concerns are, therefore, requested to kindly comply with this notice and make physical presence for the rehearsal, positively. And graduating students can collect your invitation card today from the Registrar’s Office. Each student can collect five cards. Gowns can be collected on the 3rd Dec, 2018 at the Office.

Dr Niangsangching Naulak
Academic Dean

Sd/-Chinkhenthang Guite

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