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Farewell cum Advent Christmas

Date: 1st December 2018 (Saturday)
Place: Jelsyem Chapel
Time: 1:00 PM sharp

Dr. Niangsangching, Academic Dean

Rev. Dr. Khamkhanchin, Warden

2. Praise & worship:
Langkhanchin & team

3. Special No.:
1) Thanlon Division Ministry Team
2) GBC Choir
3) Grace Ngainunmawi, B. Th. III

4. Speeches from graduating Students:
1) Diploma in Theology
2) Bachelor of Theology
3) Master of Divinity

5. Special No.:
1) Khamkhual H. M. Div. II
2) Lianbiakmawi, B. Th. II
3) Elvis Pausianlian, M. Div. I

6. Message & prayer for Graduating students:
Rev. V. Khamvum, Principal

7. Farewell Speech & Presentation:
Elder. Dou Lamthang V. Principal and
Lalboi Kilong, DOS

8. Special No.:
1) Paukhogin Paite, B. Th. I
2) Lalrinmawii, B. Th. II

9. Highlanders Music Piece:
Zamzagin Tunglut, M. Div. III

10. Speech from:
BOG Members

11. Congregational song:
God be with you (GBC Praise - 63)

12. Closing prayer:
Sir. Pauthianmuang, Chaplain


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