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Winter Office Time

This is to notify all faculty, staff and students of Grace Bible College, New Lamka that the following temporary “WINTER OFFICE TIME SCHEDULE-2018” will be followed with effect from December 10, 2018.

1. Office Hour: 10:00am -02:00 pm
2. Christmas & New Year Break: Dec. 21, 2018 (Friday) to Jan.06, 2019 (Sunday)
3. Office Re-opens: January 07, 2019 (Monday)
4. Normal Office Time (09:30a.m - 03:00p.m) to be followed again from January 07, 2019

1. It is not compulsory for teaching staff to attend office from Dec.14, 2018-Jan.06,2019.
2. All Office Staff, Teaching Staff and Principal are informed to attend Office from Jan.07, 2019 (Monday)

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