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This is to notify the staff, faculty and students of Grace Bible College that Final Examination for Fall Semester, 2020 will be held during the third week of January, 2021. It will be a take home examination. Questions will be handed out to the students on the 7th of January and all students must submit the answer paper to the concern lecturer on or before 18th January, 2021. All concerns are hereby requested to prepare for this Examination.

The question pattern would be reflective questions or essay type. Lecturers can set multiple questions from which a student can opt for a set number of questions.

All concern lecturers are hereby requested to prepare 60 marks questions (40 marks for internal assessment) and submit the questions to the Academic Dean latest by 30th December, 2020 (Wednesday).

Sd/- Dr. Niangsangching
Academic Dean

Sd/-Chinkhenthang Guite

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