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Admission Result, Fall Semester 2021

The Admission Committee of Grace Bible College provisionally recommends and approves the following students for Fall Semester 2021:

I. Master of Divinity

  1. Thangchinlian Guite
  2. Don Kho Lun
  3. S Phungminthang
  4. Liansangding
  5. Ding Johnson
  6. H Mungkhanlal
  7. M Ginzamuan
  8. Paumuan Guite
  9. Paukhawgin Paite
  10. T Haokhothang Touthang
  11. Chingkhanlun
  12. Vimal
  13. G Paukhansiam (he is given provisional admission provided he submits his original documents within August)
  14. Serto Wanglen Kom
  15. Jangminthang Kipgen
  16. P Maidebou
  17. Bilano K Murry (she is given provisional admission provided she submits her XII & B.Th original documents by August)
  18. G Langmuanthang
  19. Francis Thangliantung
  20. Grace Paulamching
  21. S Liankhansiam
  22. H Thangminlian
  23. Chingngaihkim
  24. Paukhochin
  25. Ranjita Rabha
  26. Ahao Inkah
  27. Victor John Lalkaisang

II. Bachelor of Theology

  1. S Ginsangthang
  2. Zokimi
  3. Thiusuangpou Pamei
  4. JM Nangkhankhual
  5. Hengoumang Guite (he is given provisional admission provided he submits his original documents within August)
  6. Chinglemmoi
  7. Kapsuanmuan Guite (he is given provisional admission provided he submit Dip. in Engrr documents by August)
  8. H Liandingmuan
  9. Pau tung nung
  10. Ching Sang Mawi
  11. Sandesh Yonghang
  12. Puran Rai
  13. Roshan Rai
  14. Indira Libhang
  15. Kap Khual Thang Shoute
  16. Thangsuanmuan
  17. Baby Chiinngaihlian*
  18. Vungthianmoi Tonsing
  19. Gousonlian*
  20. Chinhoinei Haokip*
    *They are given provisional admission provided they produced Original Class XII Certificate by August

III.Diploma in Theology

  1. Jibit Rai
  2. Dikshya Rai
  3. K Paulunlal
    (he is given provisional admission provided he submits Class X Original documents by August)
  • All selected students are required to submit their original Documents at the Academic Dept. Office.
  • Admission can be done on 7th and 8th July 2021 at the Office. Students outside the town can do the admission online by bank transfer, and should intimate the payment detail to the Accountant. (Ph. 8974718432)
    Account Name: Grace Bible College
    Account Number: 11343702758
    IFSC Code: SBIN0006182
  • Subject Registration for local students will be done at the Campus on 8th July 2021. And for outside the state online registration will be done on the same day.

Sd/- Chinkhenthang Guite
Registrar, GBC

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