Students' Rule

Students' Rule for Good Conduct

  1. Students must show due respect to faculty, staff and their fellow students both in and outside the college campus.

  2. Ragging and any forms of discrimination are strictly prohibited. Appropriate action will be taken to those who violate this rule.

  3. No students are allowed to promote any particular culture inside the campus. One must respect and accept other culture to promote biblical/theological culture which is accepted at all times by all. Any student found obstructing the unity of the students’ community will be dealt with accordingly.

  4. Possession or practice of tobacco, cigarette, alcohol or any illegal/intoxicant substances are strictly prohibited. Any students found practicing such prohibited substances will face the consequence that includes suspension or expulsion from the college.

  5. Any forms of inappropriate activities between the opposite sexes are strictly prohibited. Any students found indulging in such activities (both inside and outside of the campus) will be treated seriously and the decision of the college authority will be final and binding.

  6. Any forms of strikes, Eg. Class boycott, dharna, or any form of demonstration against the college authority and any activity/lobbying that can affect the repute of the college are strictly prohibited. Appropriate action will be taken to any group of students found instigating such form of activities.

  7. All students having off periods are to study their lessons or do their assignments in the library. Hence, they are encouraged to read newspaper/journals/periodicals and be informed with the currents affairs of the world.

  8. English is the medium of instructions as well as communication for all the students in the college campus. Therefore, any students using other dialect/language other than English will be fined as penalty for violating this rule.

  9. Students are strictly prohibited to use mobile/smart phones during the College hours.

  10. Students who have grievances/complaints need to inform the Dean of Students first before taking the matter to the higher authority of the college.

  11. Daily college attendance is evaluated through the use of biometrics finger print. Students’ must scan-in at 9:20AM in the morning and scan-out after the class respectively. Failure to scan-in or out at the given time will be counted late/absent. Therefore, they must pay fines for late signing, failure to sign in or sign out and absence per day.

  12. Leave application is granted only in the case of sicknesses and lose of loved ones (Vide Rule No. 15 & 16). It will not be counted for academic attendance of 85% requirements. It will only remit the absent fines.

  13. All students must wear decent and culturally acceptable dresses in the college campus.

  14. Students (including hostellers) who wanted to take leave from the campus during the class hours for emergency and unavoidable circumstances must obtain permission from the Dean of Students.

  15. Students must be heedful of their studies in GBC and its activities. They must disassociate themselves from any kind social obligation such as marriages, send-off, condolences (Vide Rule no. 12), tribe or family base customary ceremonies etc. during the working days.

  16. Deliberate negligence of attendance ‘College’ official programs such as, Revival Days, Opening Service & Orientation Day, Fresher’s Day, Farewell Day, Graduation Day, and all other official programs organized by the College shall be viewed seriously.

  17. Day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel rooms without the permission of the hostel Wardens.

  18. In other matters that are not mentioned in this “Students Rules for Good Conduct”, the decision of the Principal/faculty will be final and binding.

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